With a permanent home and increased space, the ISC can make multicultural learning opportunities broader & more accessible in Charlottesville.  

How does ISC’s new campus allow us to grow inclusivity and community partnerships?

Donating Our Space 

  • Large meeting spaces in Charlottesville are scarce & expensive.  We can donate our large meeting spaces to worthy non-profits and like-minded organizations.
  • Workshops/trainings for language-learning, cultural topics, parenting, education and more can be hosted here, potentially with childcare on-site for attendees.

Supporting Language-Learning in Public Schools

  • As leaders & pioneers in language immersion education, our faculty will be able to host teacher trainings and collaborative teacher workshop.
  • Their expertise will be particularly valuable to the city and county schools, which are also working to expand immersion opportunities in our area.

Afterschool Programs

  • We’d like to invite older, native language speakers to our afterschool programs. In addition to boosting the strength of language in our program, it provides native speakers a chance to share and feel proud of their diverse backgrounds.
  • For native language speakers who are of a lower socio-economic status, we would offer these programs free or at a reduced rate.

Cooking & Language Classes

  • We’d like to offer international, immigrant, or refugee families an opportunity to celebrate their heritage and language via language or cooking classes that they lead.  
  • This could become an income-generating program for these populations.

Scholarships / Financial Aid

  • A purpose-built facility allows us to optimize classroom size for maximum revenue within desired teacher ratios, which unlocks space and dollars for scholarships.
  • With 30% growth of our family population, our fundraising base expands significantly.

Natural, Creative Playground 

  • We’re partnering with the founder of Wildrock on a natural, adventure playground that’s open to the community during non-school hours.
  • Our location – in Belmont & adjacent to Rives Park – makes the playground accessible to all, providing health & happiness benefits of outdoor creative play to many more kids.

Ongoing Collaboration With Non-Profits

  • We’re currently exploring program collaboration with International Neighbors, International Rescue Committee, and the Southwood neighborhood (through Habitat for Humanity), and eager to explore further collaborative opportunities.