With a state-of-the-art facility that’s flexible, appropriately-sized, and built purposefully for education, students will enjoy a significantly enhanced learning experience.

Classrooms Designed to Promote Learning 

  • Intentionally designed classrooms allow teachers to transform the space along with curriculum, providing endless dynamic educational opportunities.
  • With increased storage, teachers will have all their tools at arm’s reach and students receive more variety in their learning & play.
  • Increased natural light & fresh air, along with better heating & cooling, make rooms more comfortable and conducive to learning.

Smarter Group Sizing

  • In appropriately sized classrooms, students have more room to move around while maintaining student-to-teacher ratios.
  • Group sizes can be optimized for age-appropriate interactions with teachers and with other students.

Dedicated Spaces for Specials

  • For the first time ever, we’ll have purposeful rooms for art, music, and PE.
  • Our kitchen and food lab will allow students to receive cultural culinary education.

More Time Outdoors 

  • Each classroom will have a private outdoor play area so teachers can incorporate outdoors more readily into curriculum, and kids have instant access to outside.
  • Having an outdoor bathroom means teachers don’t need to bring whole groups of kids inside, so kids get more time to play outdoors.

Gain Valuable Learning Time with Bathrooms Inside Classrooms

  • Students gain valuable learning time when the teacher’s time is freed from chaperoning large groups to a far-away bathroom and redirected to teaching.
  • Bathroom schedules do not need to be as strict, so children have more freedom in when to use the bathroom.

A Unified Campus Brings Everyone Together

  • Having all students in one building means more chances for cross-class and cross-grade interactions.
  • Siblings and friends across age groups will get to play together more.
  • Eliminates the 5-minute walk students currently take to aftercare or to all-school events.

Happier Teachers, Better Education

  • All the energy that teachers currently use to work around the obstacles of our current facilities will be redirected to education and care for the kids.
  • A significantly more cost-efficient home allows us to increase teacher compensation and/or professional development.
  • Happier teachers mean ISC can attract and retain the best teachers available.