Full-immersion classrooms for students who have turned 5 by September 30, taught in French or Spanish.

During the Kindergarten year, children continue to develop their early academic skills, with a focus on reading, writing, and a holistic, hands-on introduction to math, science, music, and the arts.  Plenty of opportunity is provided for free play, creative activities, and outdoor experiences.  Reading and writing are taught phonetically at the ISC, to aid in the transition to an English-speaking classroom after "graduation."  The Kindergarten program includes weekly instuction in English Phonics as well, taught by teachers with experience extensive graduate-level education in English as a Second Language and literacy for young learners.

The ISC has mixed-age classrooms, grouping Pre-K students with our Kindergarteners.  We find that this format fosters confidence and growth for both grade-levels.  Our low student-teacher ration for Pre-K/Kindergarten allows experienced teachers to work with children individually and in pairs or small groups as they master early academic concepts.

The Kindergarten year is perhaps the most exciting at the ISC in terms of the child's target language development.  Children who stay with us through Kindergarten generally think - process - in the target language.  Rather than simply repeating vocabulary, the children can apply the language to higher concepts including reading, writing, math, science, etc.  Most children who stay through Kindergarten finish their ISC experience effectively fluent in the target language, and are able to continue learning in French or Spanish at a fast pace even after leaving the school and the immersion classroom.

As with our Pre-K students, our Kindergarteners experience a wide variety of fun "extracurricular" experiences in addition to their regular school day.  Past programs have included soccer, special art appreciation classes, and exciting field trips.  Past field trips have included Carter Mountain for "Apple School," visits to various local and regional museums, and trips to Monticello.  Some of our Pre-K/Kindergarten students have even put on their own art show at a local gallery!

Transitioning to Elementary School

The ISC has been teaching children in a language other than English since 1998.  However, nearly all of our young students leave us to enter into English-speaking classrooms for elementary school.  Years of experience has taught us that the transition tends to be smooth. The ISC has alumni representation at nearly every area public and private school, and our kids do well!  If you have specific questions or concerns about the transition, please contact our Director of Admission or, for current families, your child's teacher.

School Day:

9 a.m. to 3 p.m., Monday through Fridays. All students attend 5 days.  A full-day option is available to 5:30 pm.  Families may also choose to include optional Morning Care (8-9 am).


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